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Please complete the Authors form below. If your book is accepted, we’ll send payment instructions.

[box title=””]Submit by September 30th
Early Deadline: Tours scheduled in November (5-stop guarantee)
Final Deadline: Tours scheduled in October (no guarantee)[/box]

Thank you!


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We have an email list of 25 bloggers and reviewers. Team members are volunteers and are therefore not required to participate in every book tour.

Tour info should be sent by the last Friday of the month.

[box title=””]The early deadline is September 30th for tours scheduled in November.[/box]

If you submit your tour info on or before the early deadline and receive fewer than 10 stops on your tour, you’ll be given a partial (50%) refund. If you receive fewer than 5 stops, you’ll be given a full refund. (The blogs and reviews will still be posted.)

[box title=””]The final deadline is September 30th for tours scheduled in October.[/box]

I will accept last-minute tours submitted on or before the final deadline; however, you will be charged the full $50 regardless of the number of tour stops. Please know that participation may be higher if you submit early. Bloggers and reviewers appreciate time to read your book, connect with you for interviews, and schedule their posts.

If you’re requesting reviews, please email a PDF, .mobi, and/or epub file of your book to

Bloggers / Reviewers

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As a thank you, bloggers and reviewers are given free tours of their books. Team members are asked only to participate in the tours they are comfortable with and have time for.

Emails will be sent between the 1st and 3rd of each month. If, at any point, the emails become too frequent, please send a note to and you will be removed from the list. Thank you!

[box title=””]Early Deadlines:

September 30th: November tours
October 28th: December tours
November 25th: January tours
December 30th: February tours

[box title=””]Final Deadlines:

September 30th: October tours
October 28th: November tours
November 25th: December tours
December 30th: January tours

If you miss the deadline for your tour dates by less than a week, feel free to contact me to see if I’ve sent the tour email already. If not, I may add your tour to it.

You are always welcome to submit early – even months in advance. If you do, I may include your tour’s info in multiple emails, which will increase the chance of participation.