Project 10:8

“Freely you have received; freely give.” – Matthew 10:8b

Fighting human trafficking is a passion of ours.
All donations and profits from Project 10:8 go to an anti-trafficking organization. We cycle through charities with each $100 that’s donated. Our current charity is Tearfund.

Four ways to help:

  1. Buy something from our Project 10:8 store
  2. Submit a story, a poem, or graphic art for us to sell
  3. Donate to the cause* (scroll down to donate via PayPal)
  4. Tell others about us!

The Project 10:8 Store


Click here to view our current selection of short stories, poetry, collections, and pre-made covers.



Do you have a story, poem, graphic art template (e.g., pre-made cover), or other submission? We’re grateful for anything you have to give us. Send an email to or click here for more information.


Donations for Tearfund: $41.82

Click here to see past donations from Project 10:8

*Sorry; we’re not an approved non-profit, and we can’t give you a receipt for your donations. We encourage you to donate directly to the organization of your choice (here’s a list of anti-trafficking organizations we support) to receive a tax-deductible receipt.

Thank You!